🍍 Ines Wu


Ambitious Learner

I studied Economics and English Literature at New York University, and then Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design.

Yes, you read this one right.

How I connected the dots:


boldly aspiring to imagine, discover, and create a world where we all thrive.


confidently create, manage, & lead design-driven organizations.

About Me,  2024


Diligent Apprentice

After graduation, I went back to my hometown city, Guangzhou, to work in the fields of Smart City, Digital Government, and Data Governance, leveraging my knowledge in Economics and Strategic Design.

Right now, my career focuses are

# Business Design
# Growth Strategy
# Product Marketing
# Emerging Technologies

Say hello at xw1562@nyu.edu ︎︎︎


Social Entrepreneur

I started my grad school education with one question in mind:

“How can I better serve the society with my strengths and skills?”

The journey thus began. Along the way, I stumbled across Civic Service Design, which had led me to my calling and life-long undertaking ——

Designing a better, connected civic experience, empowered by emerging technologies.


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